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Genesis 19 – the stuck veil

Gen 19 tells us the story of the destroying of Sodom and Gomorrah, and what happened to Lot.

God sent his angels to rescue Lot and families.

We can observe Lot’s hesitance:

– He asked the guests/angels to stay even though they declined. If only he rushed out to flee immediately!
– many incidents ding dong with the Sodom residents due to the delays
– His bargain was to settle at Zoar, arguing for safety if he ran to mountain. Technically speaking, if God sent the angels to save him, he would be safe wherever the angels brought him
– the angels had to hurry Lot and grasped their hands

Lot’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. She could not let go. A pillar is supposed to be something firm and last, but made of salt, it dissolves quickly.

In our life, we look to many things to become our pillars just to find out they are made of dissolving salt.

Lot’s hesitance to lose his property is akin to us leaning into a dissolving pillar.

V29 noted that it was on the account of Abraham’s request that Lot was spared.

The mood of Lot’s next life was still gloomy. Both daughters viewed life so pessimistically, causing them to incest with their father.

Lot means veil. The veil still covered him, making him unable to see the goodness of God; the writer contrasted it in v29 with Abraham whose closeness with God as if speaking face to face like friends and no veil between them.

If only we could lift up the veil, we would not hesitate to do what God calls us to do….. and to let go things we need to let go.

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