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Genesis 20 – The Game of Importance

This pericope tells story of Abraham and Abimelech.

Abraham stayed in Gerar and declared that Sara was his sister, for his own safety – as he assumed that the people and the king did not fear God. Abimelech took Sara but yet to touch her and God intervened. Dialogue between Abraham and him revealed how Abimelech fear God. Abraham prayed and God healed Abimelech and her wife and harems.

In the earlier story Abraham wanted to play being an important role (hagar case) and screwed up things.

In this story, Abraham went to other extreme. Here’s what he might have in mind:
– his life is in danger in that foreign land
– better play safe even if he has to sell his wife and let other man sleeps with his wife
– i am nobody in this land, i am so weak here and helpless

Surprisingly God made him so important that the king even feared him.

The chapter closed with Abraham prayed and God healed. God lent his weight to Abraham.

And again it left a subtle signal to Sara that God is able to close and open womb of everyone, which will usher the next chapter.

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