Bible Plan

Bible Reading – Genesis 18

The three guests and the discussion about Sodom and Gomorah

– The Lord (adonai) visited Abraham and again repeated the promise and this time made it specific within the timeline, about next year (easier to believe, right? Not just someday). V10 and v14 left a cue that the 3 guests is God.

Sara laughed and God knew and repeated again His promise at specific time

– God discussed about Sodom and Gomora with Abraham. The writer highlighted how privileged Abraham was, as God was considering to tell or conceal, showing that the matter is of high importance. Abraham negotiated and God heard Abraham.

Again God made it easier and helped Abraham, even showed what in Sara’s mind was immediately. (Maybe to avoid Sara influenced him again?). Oh, Sara laughed!

The writer then showed how priviledged Abraham was as God’s friend in discussing Sodom and Gomorah.

2 friends talked together at a cafe, drinking coffee, looking down to cities and discussing world affair.

The privilege is not about the world affair.

But it is the chance to chit chat with a Friend who trusts us…. and that’s the chance I want to grab.

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