Bible Plan

Bible Reading – Genesis 17

Laughing at the promise – 笑傲江湖

In this chapter, here are events happened, after the unfolding saga in last chapter.

God reminded again His covenant with Abraham. And now marked it with signs, i.e.the circumcision and the change of names for both of them. God repeated again the promises.

– Abraham laughed. We used to think it was Sara alone. It was Abraham, our role model, father of all the faithful, the holy patriach. He then tried again to play a part, to show his importance and to be responsible for the result, offering his solution to God with Ishmael.

– Again God repeated his promise and again explained he’ll fix his mistakes.

In a plan that God crafted, sometimes we feel like we need to take responsibility of the result and that we are important – like Abraham.

And here it is God reminds us that our part is just to walk with him, trusting him, holding hands like friends, as he holds the result and he knows what he is doing. In so doing, here is the sign he left us to remind us of the covenant: the circumcision of our heart, the Holy Spirit.

We are just cameo. He is the One.

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